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SERVE is a resource for young people aged 15 – 18, designed to encourage and develop their unique leadership qualities while also encouraging them to build firm foundations of faith.

Central to the course is the idea of servant leadership, of using who we are and the gifts that God has given us to serve Him and people recognising that leadership takes many forms. There are four elements included in each session designed to build a sense of community and support, engagement with God and a deeper knowledge of who we are as people and leaders.

1.Communal Meal: Served at the start of each session
2.Spiritual Discipline: Time is given after the meal to practice an element of the disciplines.
3.Book Review: Participants will be expected to read a chapter of the selected book prior to each session, at which a young person will lead a discussion on the chapter.
4.Teaching and Discussion: This element allows the participants to explore spiritual, practical and personal aspects of Christian leadership through discussion and activities.