Youth Weekend


Confirmations happen in the diocese for those people who have been baptised and now want to ‘confirm’ their faith in the church. It is a very important time for each person involved and we want to help and support this process as much as we can.

A confirmation handbook is available to parishes to help with confirmation preparation as well as advice and other resources for delivering a course. DDYC can also work with you to help you deliver a course and explore partnerships with other parishes for confirmations.

The Diocesan Youth Weekend, in March each year, is a big part of the preparation focussing on discipleship..

DDYC attend each Confirmation, helping you plan and run the service and the celebration dessert lunch/supper afterwards.

We will provide a pick and mix station and popcorn as well as ‘goody bags’ and a certificate for each candidate.

Bishop’s confirmation cards are also available free from our office.

Please contact Josh if you would like more information regarding your confirmation.